Sermon Series on The Trinity

February 10, 2016

Dear Friends,

On reading a paper for my annual clergy meetings I have been moved to undertake a short sermon series on The Trinity. Amazingly, in all my 40+ years in the ministry I’ve never actually preached a series on this, and it suddenly seemed “about time!”

Things came together nicely for an opportunity to do this, since I will have three Sundays in a row beginning on February 21st, and it also seems like a good way to prepare for Easter, which comes at the end of March this year.

So the topics will be as follows (and the topics I proposed in the ECHO will be postponed to a later date):

  • Feb. 21st: “the Father” (“Our Heavenly Father”)
  • Feb. 28th: “the Son” (“the Divine Human”)
  • Mar. 6th:   “the Holy Spirit” (“the Spirit of Truth”)

Don’t be deceived!  The topics may seem tedious and/or academic but they are among the most vital things we can contemplate, and I hope to make the sermons interesting, enlightening AND practical for you.  And I hope to see you there!

Best regards,


Pastor, Washington New Church & School


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