Vision And Purpose


The mission of this church is to provide a spiritual home for all in the Washington metropolitan area who love the Lord as He has revealed Himself in the Sacred Scriptures and the Heavenly Doctrines of the New Jerusalem, and who wish to learn from these revelations and live according to them and share them with others.

At the Washington New Church we strive to develop these ​”essentials” in ourselves and for the benefit of others by providing –

  • Public and private service of worship including all the rites and sacraments of the New Church;
  • Classes, discussion groups and a complete elementary school that promote understanding and life​ according to the spiritual sense of the Word;
  • Opportunities for mutual support in the hard work of repentance and reformation;
  • Civic and social events that promote an atmosphere of ​spiritual ​love and moral wisdom;
  • Advertising and public events to promote awareness and to share the blessings of an intellectually satisfying spiritual faith and life.

​We cordially and enthusiastically invite​ you to join us in this mission.  We offer opportunities for leadership and service of all kinds, from simple maintenance work to membership of the Board of Trustees, from hospitality to critical office work, from ushering at worship services to teaching in Sunday School, community outreach, and much more.

You do not have to be a formal member of the church to do many of these things, but we welcome new members from all walks of life.  We believe that the perfection of heaven and of the church is achieved through the variety of perspectives, talents and uses that many different people bring into it.  Come and see.