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Our program at the Washington New Church varies a great deal from week to week, but there are some constants, like Sunday worship at 11:00 am, and regular weekly or bi-weekly meetings of small groups for reading and discussion on spiritual themes.  Among the groups meeting currently are two that are in the midst of a study of the life after death, based on the book, Heaven and Hell, by Emanuel Swedenborg,  one biweekly on Monday nights and the other biweekly on Wednesday mornings, both in local home settings.  All such meetings are open to the public and new members are welcome at any time.
In addition currently we are featuring a short survey course in the Prophets of the Old Testament.  These are scheduled approximately every two weeks on Wednesday evening at the church.

But life at the New Church is much more than just study and discussion.  On November 10th, for example, our young teens will be hosting a “coffee house” social for all ages at the church, and on the first weekend in December we will ring in the Christmas season with a special hymn sing and social event for all members and friends.

In addition we are pleased and proud to be associated with an urban gardening co-operative called Forrested, LLC  that provides innovative insights and hands on training for folks interested in sustainable agriculture and related practices.  A short walk from the church campus, this 10 acre operation is a tremendous asset to our school children as well as the larger community of citizens looking to create a more verdant, food producing urban environment.

In 2014 the church completed a major renovation and addition project that has greatly enhanced our ability to serve not only our own needs but those of the community around us, too.  Although the building is not visible from the main highway it is easy to find on a beautiful, wooded property less than a quarter mile east of Enterprise Road, just south of the Rte. 50 overpass.  We welcome visitors ANY time, and look forward to welcoming YOU whenever you get a chance to stop in.

And don’t forget one of our main uses here is our school – The Washington New Church School.  With grades from Junior Kindergarten through Sophomore year of High School we keep pretty busy with routine and special events focused on the children.  NOTE, whereas the school began 45 years ago as a service for church members, we now have an open application policy and we welcome new students from all over the surrounding community.  We are highly integrated, academically oriented, and spiritually focused.  Check out the parent testimonials on the school page of this site.
Finally, unlike many preachers today, most of us on the pastoral staff write out our sermons and make them available in print or PDF to anyone who is interested.  See Sermons by Category for a listing of recent sermons, including the most recent or featured sermon.
We look forward to meeting and greeting you in person!
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A Church can be Looked at Like a Human Form

October 29, 2019

The Word teaches that a church (and really any community of people) can be looked at as being in the human form. One way of describing how a church works is by grouping its activities into “systems”, similar to the various systems of the human body. All the systems interconnect and support one another, but require different organs and tissues and mechanisms to do their special jobs.

There are different ways of defining the systems of a church. The model I am currently working from looks at Washington New Church as being comprised of ten systems. Six of these systems are directly involved in performing the uses of our church. Four of them (at the end of the following list) are “support” systems—they are not the essence of what we do, but rather they work behind the scenes to enable our core systems. Here they are:

Core Systems

  • WORSHIP- Sunday worship, holidays, weddings, memorials, baptisms
  • GROUPS- small groups, youth groups, discussion and reading groups, classes
  • SERVICE- community service, pastoral care, support for people in crisis
  • SCHOOL- K through 12th grade
  • RECREATION- social gatherings and events
  • COMMUNICATION- newsletters, bulletins, social media, audio and video

Support Systems

  • LEADERSHIP- strategy formation and execution, executive decision making, boards
  • STAFFING- recruiting, hiring, managing, both paid staff and volunteers
  • MARKETING – advertising, branding, public relations
  • RESOURCES- fundraising, tuition, bill paying, grant writing, facility upkeep, finance

All throughout September and into October, during our Sunday worship gatherings, we looked at what the doctrines have to say about love, wisdom and use in light of the function of a church congregation. If you missed any of those sermons, I encourage you to give them a listen at our website. ( I am working on having transcripts made from the audio recordings, as well, for those who prefer to read.

In that five part sermon series we observed that everything the Lord does and everything He creates comes in threes: love/wisdom/use, charity/faith/good works, end/cause/effect, substance/form/motion, soul/body/activity, and so forth. As beings created by Him according to this plan, each one of us has three things we need in our lives for a healthy mind and spirit: connection, meaning, and purpose. We need these just as much as our bodies need food, water and exercise. And a primary means by which the Lord provides these three things is the church society.

A church society is a community where people can go to love and be loved, to learn deep truths about themselves, the world, and their Creator, and where they can learn and practice service to other people. We at the Washington New Church will be a successful and obedient part of the Lord’s family to the extent that we fulfill these three human needs.

In October I began the process of looking at each of our ten church systems to see where each one was doing well and where each one was lacking, with regard to how we provide connection, meaning and purpose to the people in our congregation, and to the people in our surrounding community. I have been talking with various individuals, doing my own investigations, and working with the Pastor’s Council on this task. If I have not yet heard from you personally on this subject, I very much would like to. Visit my office, call or text (512-694-9474), or email ( me. Tell me where you think we are doing well, which systems are missing parts, what programs need to change or end, and what things need new life breathed into them.

In November we will begin the process with the Board of Trustees of examining our current strategic direction and then putting together an updated roadmap for the coming year or more. Everything you share with me will be an input to that discussion. I think there are exciting and fulfilling things ahead of us that involve some interesting choices, but before I lead in any of their directions I want to be sure I’ve heard from all of you. So please do find some time in the coming week or two to drop me a note or stop by for a visit. Thanks!

Mac Frazier, 2019-10-23