Sermon Topics for the Month

Starting last week we are doing a five part series titled, “Our Challenge”.

The Church is the Lord’s Kingdom on Earth A successful church congregation is one that does the Lord’s work of providing meaning, purpose and connection. While we are still healthy enough to do so, we need to prioritize tasks that will help us do this work right now.

Here are the five parts:
Sept. 8th – Part 1: “Three Is a Magic Number” – There is a trinity of Love, Wisdom, and Activity in the Lord and thus in everything He creates. The trinity in humans craves three things (connection, purpose, and meaning), and the Church exists to connect humans with the Lord’s Love, Wisdom and Activity. Examine yourself and your church to see where you are strong and where you are weak with regard to these three universal needs.
Sept. 15th – Part 2: “Meaning vs. Confusion”
Sept. 22nd – Part 3: “Purpose vs. Hopelessness”
Sept. 29th  – Part 4: “Connection vs. Loneliness”
Oct. 6th – Part 5: “Act Now!”