Sermon Topics for the Month

Worship services are every Sunday at 11:00am.

Services begin with a family talk for the first portion of the service and then the children go to Sunday School.  The remainder of the service is for the adults and has scriptural readings, hymns and a sermon.  Below please find the sermon topics for January.

Sermon Topics for February, 2019

  • the 3rd:  FEAR.  In these times of uncertainty – for the church, for our country, and for ourselves, what do we need to know about fear, where it comes from and how to deal with it?  How is fear related to anger – and courage?  Come and see.  ~ MDG
  • the 10th:  Guest Preacher, the Rev. Jared Buss from Toronto, preaching.  On his theme, “Close enough to Catch Us,” he writes, “It’s often said that the Lord will never give us more than we can handle. And yet, sometimes we still feel totally overwhelmed, just like Peter, who tried to walk on water but found himself sinking. This sermon will look at what the Lord is doing when we feel this way.”
  • the 17th:  HOPE.  In these times of fear and uncertainty – for the church, our country, and ourselves, what can we learn from the Lord about hope, and how we can keep hope alive?  This service will conclude with the holy supper at the end.  ~ MDG
  • the 24th:   “Magical Life” How do we think about the workings of Providence in the world and in our lives?  Is life full of patterns and underlying “magic?”  We’ll compare our modern worldviews with what we’re told about the ancient church and how they understood the world around them. ~ BDS