Our School

 “Introducing the Washington New Church School” 

Nestled in a beautiful, wooded section of Mitchellville, at the western edge of Bowie, our little school offers unique advantages in emotional warmth, holistic approach to individual students and high academic standards.

We serve students from Junior Kindergarten (4 years) through 12 grade, though we welcome transfer students at any grade level.

The campus itself includes a variety of safe and attractive play areas, and recent renovations and extensions to the building have added beautiful new spaces for all sorts of instruction, from regular classroom activities to art, music and dance lessons as well as dramatic productions suited to all ages.

Our students develop strong work habits and a high degree of self-confidence as they learn to think for themselves under the guidance of faculty members who take a personal interest in every child.  Small classes meet in multi-grade classrooms, providing a family atmosphere that encourages co-operation among the students and enhances learning.

The school’s driving mission is to form a strong spiritual and moral foundation of all that we do. The entire curriculum is developed and sustained by principles drawn from the distinctively New Christian Faith set forth in the religious writings of Emanuel Swedenborg.  Religious instruction is at the heart of each day, beginning with morning worship and including routine references to the Lord and His Providence throughout the day.

To learn more about the school or how to begin the application process please explore our school website or contact the secretary.

Things learned must have use as their end in view, and when they have use, they have life as their end in view, for all life belongs to uses, because it belongs to the end in view, and therefore unless things are learned for the sake of a life of uses, they do not matter, because they are of no use.
~ Emanuel Swedenborg ~