The Power of the Letter of the Word

December 1, 2021

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year. I love how it can bring the best out of people. I love how it encourages strangers to do random acts of kindness for one another. I love that it is a time when people feel encouraged to reach out and help those in need. And I love the joy and delight little children experience in response to the decorations, the presents, the music, and the special magic of it all.

And yes, it can be “over-commercialized”. When we focus too much on the gifts we receive (or don’t receive), it becomes something sour. And the almost manic pressure surrounding shopping for Christmas and Christmas-related events can get obnoxious.

And I also want to acknowledge that for people who have recently lost a loved one, Christmas time can be a hard season. It is easy, in the midst of others’ joy, to have one’s awareness of who is missing be brought into even sharper contrast.

But for all of the pressure and stress and complication that attends this time of year, it is still my favorite. I’m not immune to the negative aspects of the season, but I always come through it with joy. I credit this primarily to the power of the letter of the Word to move me and remind me and humble me and give me hope.

Give the reading of the Word of the Lord a place of special privilege in your holiday schedule. Pick one of the Gospels that has a portion of the Christmas story in it—Matthew or Luke—and read it through on your own. Or just choose any of the four Gospels and dedicate yourself to reading it start to finish over a set period of time. Or participate in our Friday night online Christmas Reading group. However, you do it, make Christmas time a time for reading about the Lord Jesus Christ. It will bring amazing focus to how you experience the season.

I hope you have a merry Christmas, full of love, joy, and peace!

Glenn “Mac” Frazier, Pastor
Washington New Church, 2021-11-30

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