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June 15, 2016

July 20, 2016 –

It is with profound sadness, grief, and concern for our nation that we mark the the series of incidents of racially charged homicides in our country.  As we know, actions like this are permitted in Divine Providence for the sake of human free-will, and also for the reason that they expose the evils that might otherwise lie concealed under a cover of civility.  Still, there is no way they can be condoned or justified by any stretch of logic, much less by any religious principles.

The fact that these murders were committed in the name of some real or perceived injustice in no way vindicates or excuses a violent response.  Yes, injustice must be addressed, and we all have a solemn duty to address it, but there is no real religion in the world, least of all the New Church, that teaches hate or murder as a means to accomplish its ends.

I appeal, therefore, to all the members of our congregation, and to any who may chance to read this, that we hold all the men and women who are involved in such tragic events in our hearts with earnest compassion, and that we rededicate ourselves to the just and peaceful process of dialog about how we can live with tolerance of one another’s differences even as we remain strong and mutually supportive of our particular convictions.

In short, let us pray for the victims of these awful tragedies, and let us pray also for ourselves that we may learn from this and see the implications of any form of hatred in our own lives.

Mike Gladish
Pastor, Washington New Church & School
11910 Chantilly Lane, Mitchellville, MD, 20721
office: 301-464-5602
cell:   301-461-3521

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