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From Rev. Mike Gladish
June 10, 2014

The pastors and lay leaders of the Washington New Church offer many ongoing opportunities for spiritual study and discussion.  Some are held at the church, some in private homes, and one meets at a  local restaurant.  Some are weekly, some a biweekly, and some are individual or short term events, often with special guest speakers.  These events are all listed in the monthly newsletter and calendar.

Friday Evenings

Our traditional time for major doctrinal classes or other church meetings is Friday night.  Held on a monthly basis these usually include a potluck or prepared dinner beginning at 7:00 pm, with the formal program at 8:00.  Unless it’s a potluck, the cost of dinner is $5.00.  Spiritual topics of interest to the whole church may be presented, but it is also a time when we hold congregational meetings (up to three per year).


Occasionally the church will host community activities on a Saturday – everything from an arts guild workshop to a first aid course.  Church work parties are scheduled occasionally on Saturday mornings and social events on Saturday nights.


Spiritual study and discussion groups frequently meet on weekday evenings, and one group for those not working during the day meets on Wednesday mornings.  You are welcome to join any group currently in progress, and if you have any new ideas for a group -social or spiritual- we invite you to discuss it with one of the pastors or our church secretary.  We would like to provide for uses that meet your needs.

Pastoral Consultation

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