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October 1, 2021

Two years ago, I preached a five-part series, titled, Our Challenge. In it I laid out my best understanding, from the Word, of the three principle benefits a healthy church society provides to the world: purpose, meaning, and connection. You can find these sermons on our website, and at If you want an insight into the decisions I make as a pastor, you can go back and listen to those sermons; everything I plan and do here is informed by this model. Just as a reminder, here is the general outline:

Everything in the universe relates to three things: love, wisdom, and use. The church is no different. The reason churches exist is so that we can use truths from the Word to grow our faith in the Lord, accept the Lord’s goodness into our lives by becoming more charitable, and by marrying good and truth together and actually applying it in our daily lives as works of charity, and be transformed by the Lord into angels. So, a properly functioning church has a role in your life to help with all three of these things: purpose, meaning and connection. So, this is why we have worship gatherings. It’s why we study the Word together in small groups. It’s why we have social gatherings and activities. And it’s why we organize to help one another and our neighbors in need.

Over the past year and a half, a literal plague has impinged on our ability to perform many of our functions. But it has not outright stopped us. We continue to look for ways to provide purpose, meaning and connection despite limitations on our ability to gather publicly in large groups. And over time those limitations have evolved and become more manageable.

I mention all this because I want you to think about your response to two questions:

First, where do you feel the biggest need right now in your life? Of the three categories of purpose, meaning and connection, where do you currently experience the most lack?

Second, how are you most prepared to serve others’ needs right now? Which of the three fundamental needs do you most feel called to help satisfy in others?

After you think about those two questions, here is what I have to offer, and what I am looking for:

Consider volunteering at the church. We are looking for ushers, video operators, chancel attendants, and people to handle refreshments and coffee. Or volunteer at the school. See a local need in our surrounding community? Help organize a service project to help them.

Join us for worship or watch our online services to learn from the Lord’s Word. Join our Monday night or Wednesday morning reading groups to read and discuss the Word with a pastor and with your neighbors. Come see me for a recommendation for what to read on your own, or for help starting up a new group.

Come worship with us, not only to hear sermons and learn from the Word, but to gather in community with others. Hang out with friends at our Wednesday night fire circle. Join a marriage support group we are about to launch and connect with other couples to support and celebrate true married love. Make friends and get some exercise at our weekly volleyball games. Or start something of your own!

And all that is just what we do in a typical week. We also have special events like the Men’s Weekend (described elsewhere in this issue), special holiday celebrations, work parties (again, more on those in this issue of the Echo), and other periodic opportunities. Despite COVID and other challenges churches and communities face these days, we have a lot going on. So I invite you to get more involved! Help us to fulfill our mission, and help yourself to become a happier, more spiritually healthy person.

I hope you all have a great October!

Glenn “Mac” Frazier, Pastor
Washington New Church, 2021-09-29

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