Morning Study Group

Starting on Wednesday, September 12th, at 10:00 AM a new group will begin a bi-weekly study and discussion of the very challenging, frightening and fulfilling Book of Revelation.  This will be based on a careful reading of the book itself along with selected passages from two marvelous expository books about it, The Apocalypse Explained and The Apocalypse Revealed, both by Emanuel Swedenborg.

In the study we will see how every element and verse of the Revelation has a symbolic, spiritual meaning that applies to our lives right now – not in some future “end times” but now, in the world of our own spirits.  New and used copies of Swedenborg’s treatments of this are available at the church for those who wish to join us, and suggested reading assignments will be distributed at the first class.

Come and see.  You may find this so completely new and different from any other way of reading Revelation that it will inspire and delight you, in spite of the frightening visions that are part and parcel of the literal sense.