Summer 2017 Reading

Are your children reading this summer?

“Children  who have easy access to books read more books.  The more children read, the better their fluency, vocabulary and comprehension…Students who read recreation-ally out-perform those who do not…Reading empowers critical thinking skills.  It can enhance empathy and lead to greater understanding of people who are different from ourselves, and it can help us appreciate other points of view.” (California Library Association’s Summer Reading research page –

Students from the Washington New Church School are expected to complete the grade level summer reading program before school begins again in September.  Click on the PDFs below for your child’s summer reading program:

1st & 2nd grades summer reading 2017

3rd – 4th grades Optional Summer Reading–Word 2017

3rd – 4th grades Summer Reading–Required 2017

5th-6th grades Book report form 2017

5th and 6th GRADES summer LISTS

5th – 6th grade summer reading letter

7th – 8th summer reading list 2017

7th-8th grade Summer Reading Letter 2017

9th-10th grade Summer Reading 2017